room with ornate ceiling and antique stove, guesthuse, St Petersburg
Silver room
This is a large, light room with five arched windows overlooking the old church in our main courtyard. There is a double bed, a single bed for a third person (if needed), and an ensuite bathroom.
windows in light-filled toom in guesthouse, St Petersburg

The church, now the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, was originally built in 1820-38 for the United Believers. The latter were Old Believers (Russian Orthodox who split from the official Russian Orthodox Church due to their inability to accept changes, such as the use of three fingers instead of two to make the sign of the cross, that were introduced by Patriarch Nikon during the final third of the 17th century) who came back the forests and made their peace with the establishment.
This was, in fact, the main cathedral of the United Believers in Russia. The church was closed by the Soviets in 1930, but parishioners continued to meet and hold services in secret in private apartments in our neighbourhood.

Our dining-room is for quick cups of coffee, long unhurried breakfasts (breakfast is included on our daily rates), leisurely pots of tea, the occasional business meeting, or just for sitting around in. (You may also choose to sit, drink, and breakfast at the bar in the entrance hall.)
antique chair in room in guesthouse, centre of St Petersburg

Our daily rates include unlimited tea and coffee, and a Wi-Fi connection. Discounts for architects, artists, academics, and anybody with a good case to make.
ornate ceiling, antique lamp, and many windows in room in guesthiouse in centre oif St Petersburg

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Silver room

Burgundy room

Jungle room

Cobalt room

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